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Changing retail environments

The retail industry is integrating interactive technology in order to enhance the shopping experience for both customers and employees. This demand for innovation in the retail space called for the invention of Shopstar, an in-store digital assistant powered by Amazon’s Alexa. Using Amazon Echo speakers in retail stores, Shopstar responds to customers’ queries and requests for specific products and is able to contact store employees for further assistance.

The all-new Echo is the smart-speaker sweet spot. The Wall Street Journal

The Experience

Introducing Shopstar, one of the first Amazon Alexa programs designed to modernize boutiques and small retail environments through echo devices.

Getting Started

To start using our skill, try "Alexa, open Shopstar"

Finding In-store Products

When prompted, simply tell Alexa to "help me find an item"

Contact Associates

To call employees to your location for assistance, respond to Alexa when prompted or try "Call an associate"

Get store information

Learn about specific store information by saying, "i need store information"

amazon echo device


Product search

A customer can ask Alexa about a product using details of the item, such as color or clothing type, in order to find it in the store.

Store information

Customers can ask Alexa general questions about the boutique, like store hours, upcoming and current sales.

Signals employees

If a sales associate is needed, customers can request Alexa to notify an employee through a one-way communication system.

Customer experience

The features of Shopstar work together to simplify the retail process while providing a more enjoyable experience.

Shopstar In Action

Our Works

It’s difficult to gauge the customer’s interest in interacting. Some people love to chat while some people don’t want our help, and it’s difficult to gauge that. Athens boutique employee

Meet Our Team

Taylor Holmes

Tech Guru

Gina Karseboom

Project Manager

Sehar Ebrahim

Research Strategist

Kaleigh Wright

Brand Designer

Courtney Thompson

Content Manager

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Please contact us if you have any questions, inquiries, or are interested in implementing Shopstar at your store.

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